Informed Surgeons

Finding the right surgeon with the experience and results for a specific patient requires unique data, applied in a unique way.

Informed’s process is unique in that we have access to detailed surgeon data that we use to identify highly experienced surgeons with low variability.  We have secured a proprietary agreement within the medical device community that provides proprietary access to detailed procedure data. With this, we have a unique view into surgical procedures for analysis and the impact to patient outcomes.  We have growing secured agreements with participating surgeons so that we can continuously track those considered “elite”.  Combining this data with healthcare records we have the most comprehensive surgeon measurement tool available today.  The benefits we now provide can we summarized by these three points:

  1. Right Surgeon – to reduce costs from complications and improve patient recovery.
  2. Right Surgical Approach – To minimize invasiveness and speed in patient recovery. 
  3. Most Cost-Effective Site of Care – Identify the hospital that has the right surgeon and the lowest cost.

Informed uses this procedure data for assessing the proficiency of minimally invasive surgeons. For the first time, patients benefit from detailed proficiency and choreography information by matching actual surgeon experience and outcomes to specific patient profiles. When combined with outcomes data, Informed+ can identify the best surgeons, with the best results, at the lowest cost, in local hospitals. Informed surgeons routinely demonstrate near zero-complication rates and dramatically accelerated patient recovery times.

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