Back to life, back to work - not the hospital.

We find the right surgeon, with the right experience, at the right site of care. Informed reduces your biggest post-payroll expense, creates happier, healthier employees, and keeps the HR voice crucial within the company

Surgery accounts for nearly 30% of your healthcare spend

21M surgeries are performed in the US every year and the average person undergoes 7 surgeries in a lifetime

Complications can more than double the cost of a procedure and put your employee out of commission for weeks or more.

Surgical complication rates can approach 50% for certain procedures , average 14.6% across all procedures

Surgery Impacts your employees, and the bottom line.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and a little foresight can go a long way in navigating the delicate intersection of scalpels and spreadsheets.

Surgery - a crucial medical intervention for many, but with implications that extend beyond the operating room. For businesses, a single employee's surgery can trigger a ripple effect, impacting productivity, morale, and ultimately finances.

Top surgeons boast superior success rates and shorter recovery times, minimizing complications and associated costs. This translates to fewer missed workdays, lower healthcare expenses, and a boosted return on investment.

Employees knowing they have access to the best care available fosters peace of mind and trust in your company. This translates to engaged, productive employees who are more likely to stay with you. It showcases your commitment to employee well-being and attracts other high-performing individuals.

Think Outside the Scalpel: Consider offering Informed Surgical benefits to secure the best surgeons with the best outcomes for your employees.

Our Focus

Patient Care is the heart of our business, and
our surgeons are the heartbeat


An Informed+ surgeon not only follows best practices for best outcomes, but also contributes to constant improvement of them.


Poor outcomes are expensive, and can more than double the cost of care. When outcomes improve as measured by objective metrics, utilizing digital technologies, primary and secondary costs are lower. Significantly.

Patient Experience

Better surgery = faster recovery, less discomfort, and quicker return to a normal life. But surgery doesn't start or end with a procedure. Tracking the entire patient journey enables all aspects of the patient journey to improve.

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We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.