About Us

Informed Surgical significantly reduces the complications associated with the highest volume surgeries, addressing an estimated $200B problem in the US today. Informed+ integrates with an employer’s existing healthcare benefits to reduce the overall cost by improving employee care and surgical outcomes with minimal disruption of their current benefit plans.  

Informed Surgical was formed after the founders investigated the substantial amount of variability that occurs across surgical interventions. Through analyzing data sourced from robotic surgery devices, thousands of variations were identified for individual procedures.  Informed+ also found that surgical complication rates can approach 50% for individual procedures, average 14.6% across all procedures and there was convincing evidence that this procedure variability is a significant contribution.

Informed is developing a national registry that connects patients to “elite” surgeons. Different than a “Center of Excellence” model, Informed’s “Surgeon of Excellence” model doesn’t rely on an institutions reputation but rather finds the high-performance surgeons in the local market that provide superior patient experience with elite-class outcomes, resulting in lower costs to employers by as much as 45%.

Our Mission

To build a community of high performing Surgeons and Hospitals that will improve quality of surgical outcomes for patients by using the power of digital technology to better align and educate surgical teams.


Our Purpose

Informed Surgical is a technology enabled surgical process company that will reduce the cost of acute healthcare by attending to the complications that exist in surgery today. By Improving and disseminating standards we will reduce surgical complications, reduced Length of Hospital Stays (LOS) and foster faster patient recovery - all while reducing overall cost.

Our Values

The patient experience, the cost of healthcare and the virtuous cycle of improvement.

The Team

Sal Brogna, CEO: COO of Intuitive Surgical, responsible for the da Vinci surgical robotics system, growing the procedure volume to 1.2M/year and $5B+ revenue across several specialties.

Dr. John Porterfield, Clinical:  Professor & previous director of the General Surgery program at UAB for 10 years after training at the Mayo clinic; a renowned expert in surgical education, endocrine and robotic surgery.

Phil Bernosky, Marketing:  Previously Sr. VP Product Marketing at Teladoc and VP Strategic Marketing at Intuitive Surgical. He’s also held strategic and product marketing roles at large Tech companies like Intel, NVidia and Dolby