It’s Complicated, for Employers

Surgical complications can have a significant impact on employer health care benefits and employer costs:

Increased CostsDescription
HospitalizationPatients with complications may require longer hospital stays, which can cost employers thousands of dollars per day.
ReadmissionsPatients with complications may also be more likely to be readmitted to the hospital, which can further increase costs.
Additional SurgeryPatients with complications may require additional surgery or other treatments, which can also add to the cost of care.
Prescription MedicationPatients with complications may require more prescription medication, which can be costly for employers.
Lost ProductivityEmployees who are recovering from surgical complications may be unable to work, which can lead to lost productivity for employers.

In addition to the direct costs of surgical complications, employers may also incur indirect costs, such as:

Indirect CostsDescription
Decreased employee moraleEmployees who are experiencing complications or who are worried about the possibility of complications may be less engaged in their work.
Increased turnoverEmployees who are unhappy with their employer’s health care coverage may be more likely to leave the company.
Damaged reputationIf an employer is seen as providing inadequate health care coverage, it can damage its reputation and make it difficult to attract and retain employees.

Employers can take a number of steps to mitigate the risks of surgical complications, including:

Steps to Mitigate RisksDescription
Providing comprehensive health care coverageThis should include coverage for preventive care, hospitalization, and other necessary medical services.
Educating employees about the risks of surgical complicationsThis can help employees make informed decisions about their care and reduce the likelihood of complications.
Partnering with surgical healthcare providers like Informed SurgicalEmployers can work with healthcare providers to develop protocols and procedures that can help prevent and manage surgical complications.
Providing support for employees who experience complicationsThis can include providing financial assistance, emotional support, and help with returning to work.

By taking these steps, employers can help to reduce the impact of surgical complications on their health care benefits.

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