Welcome to Informed Surgical.

At Informed+ Surgicalâ„¢, we believe the future of healthcare is outcome-based, driven by principles over preferences, aided by technological systems. We aim to improve acute healthcare by attending to the variability that exists in surgery today. By encouraging clinical transparency, using consistent surgical practices, we will reduce surgical complications, reduced length of hospital stays and foster faster patient recovery. We empower patients and employers with objective surgical insights into the proficiency of surgeons so they can make informed choices about surgery. Only Informed utilizes:

  • A Surgeon-centric platform with both economic and clinical accountability
  • Proprietary, procedure-specific data to objectively evaluate surgeons
  • Outcomes-based tracking patients through their entire episode of care
  • Tailored care at the patient level, matching Surgeon to patients based on who they are, and what they need

If you need surgery, ask your employer if you have the Informed Surgical Benefit.

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